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Kavita Suri is a celebrity makeup artist and one of the most sought-after names in the Toronto beauty industry. With over 15 years of experience, Kavita is a game-changer, developing a brand for bridal beauty while running a medical spa, beauty academy and her own skincare line, InfuseDerm.


She is an award-winning artist, who is known for delivering a flawless and personable experience, made to measure. Early in her career, she discovered the growing market within the South Asian community, where she infused eastern traditions with western trends. From there she began to build her empire, networking her way into Canada’s first South Asian bridal magazine, Suhaag. Here she became the principal makeup artists for nine consecutive years. Since then, Kavita has served as Beauty Editor for a number of leading South Asian publications including Asian Woman Canada.



Equipped with experience in the fashion industry, testimonials from hundreds of brides and years of retail experience working with major cosmetic brands such as Estee Lauder and Vasanti Cosmetics, Kavita has taken her beauty enterprise to the next level.


In 2008, she opened the doors to Kavita Suri Spa, a high-quality make-up artistry and esthetics experience situated in Yorkville, Toronto. From there she continued to grow and chase opportunities that lead her to work with iconic stars like Jada Pinket Smith and Priyanka Chopra to name a few. 


As her business grew so did the inquiries from people with a passion to learn Kavita’s secrets. That’s when she knew it was the perfect time to launch Kavita Suri Beauty Academy. Since then, Kavita has offered personal workshops, including the hugely popular “One-on-One Make-up” certificate, later being merged with the Toronto Aesthetics Hair Academy, where students receive a credited Government Recognized Certificate upon completion.

In 2011, she founded Infuse Med Spa, a medical spa specializing in painless hair removal for all skin types as well as grade skin care services in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto. Later in 2017, adding an array of skin care products under the brand InfuseDerm, including her exclusive formulas for, vegan-friendly skin care that focuses on removal of Pigmentation.


Kavita Suri continues to build her legacy as she becomes a household name across North America. From magazine covers, fashion shows, to countless media production, her portfolio balances trends and trendsetters making her the go-to artist that anyone would travel the distance for. With a passion for beauty, skin care and well-being combined with her fierce entrepreneurial spirit Kavita ensures her success in everything she touches.

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